Audio Test Equipment
    Neuberger RPM370 RPM 370 270 470 tube tester Röhrenprüfgerät   Neuberger RPM 370

Tube Tester

Classics German tube tester with infinite testing possibilities. Click here to get more information about it.


Testing and Restoring

It is always wise to power up vintage amps using a variac as many old caps tend to fail when powered up for the first time after many years. An even better way is to use an external tube power supply as the Statron 303D.

I prefer solid state units for testing. Precise tube units from 60s are very big (as the Brüel & Kjaer units) and modern, computerized units are boring.


Rohde & Schwarz UPA4 Audio Analyzer


Audio Analyzer


I think this is (one of) the best audio testing unit ever made. Beside the high precision distortion meter and analyzer you can also test wow and flutter from turn tables or make tests with CD players.


    Wandel Goltermann WM-20  

Wandel & Goltermann WM-20 Wobbel-Messplatz


Sine Wave generator and level tracer


Almost any audio frequency test is possible with this unit. Perfect to check frequency response and impedance curves, it also checks hum and noise with CCITT-filters.

Could not live without this! 

      Siemens Oszillar M 07107


Great unit with 4 Channels. I changed my Tektronix 455 for this one as it is more sensitive and the 4 channels allow operating with less switching.

    Statron EL34 303D 303 303D/1 voltage suppy Röhrennetzteil   Statron 303D/1

High Voltage Power supply

East Germany technology. OK - no silly jokes. They made good stuff. 4 EL34 tubes are regulating the digitally adjustable B+ from 0-300V. Furthermore: 0-15V and 0-150V for the grids and many heater voltages. NICE!

    Rim Wattmeter SWM 3000 SWM3000   RIM SWM 3000


Works at 4/8/16 Ohms (uncooled) up to 150 watts per channel. Built in speakers to hear when the amp blows up! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Grundig RT5A Varia Stelltrafo Trenntrafo Regeltrafo   Grundig RT 5A


Very nice variac. This is what you need to power up vintage amps smoothly in order not to destroy the electrolytic caps.

This unit has 800 watts.

      Kenwood AD-002

Dummy load and switch unit

1980s testing unit which allows to cross switch many sources and speakers in all directions.

Built in 8 Ohms Dale resistors with 250 watts!

      Voltcraft FG1617

Wave generator

Modern and ugly unit from th 90s, but small and reliable. Not bad at all. Good for fast tests.


Hewlett Packard 8903A Audio Analyzer


Sine Wave generator and distortion meter


Very versatile unit that incorporates a low distortion <0.01% (see picture) sine wave generator, a distortion meter and a psophometer with CCITT-Filter for noise measuring! Also sweeps from 20Hz to 100.000Hz...