My Test Equipment  

Standard Test Setup:

Neuberger RPM 370

W & G WM-20

Rohde & Schwarz UPA4

Statron 303D/1

Siemens Oszillar

Rim SWM 3000

Hewlett Packard 8903A

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Holiday Test Setup:

Hameg HM 412-5

BPI Audio Analyzer 7000A

Statron 303D

Siemens U 2133

Ultron SRG 22

Living Audionic LAD-80S

PC Spectrum Analyzer

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The Standard Setup

Thorens TD124 with

SME 3012 + Denon 103

McIntosh MCD 7008

The Fisher pre (s. right)

Altec 416/414 in horn

Altec 802/806 in

Klangfilm Eurodyn horns

Changing Power Amps...


The Klangfilm Projects

My projects with Siemens / Klangfilm parts, such as...

- EL12 / F2a11 amps

- 6SELA stereo preamp

- EL34 single ended amp

...have their own section.

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Siemens Klangfilm do it yourself parts spare diy

The McIntoshs

McIntosh C-20

McIntosh MR-65b

McIntosh MCD 7008

McIntosh MC 275

McIntosh MX 110

More pix on the Mc site


RL12P35 (RS287) amp

The RL12P35 is a legendary power tube and was used in some rare vintage push pull cinema amps.

See here how it can be used as output tube in a single ended hifi amplifier.


Holiday Setup #1

University 312 Coaxial

  (Pic#1   Pic#2   Pic#3)

Onkyo 7440 as Preceiver

Onkyo DX-6430

Custom Made EL84 PP

JVC QL-Y66F turn table

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The Moving Coil step ups

Many vintage German microphone input transfor-mers work perfectly as MC step up transformers.

- Siemens / Haufe

- Others: Sennheiser /

  Beyerdynamic / JS Jørgen

  Schou / Dynacord a.o.

moving coil pickup cartridge step up transformer

Home Cinema / PC

Altec 9844 (1956version)

Thorens TD-124 with

Ortofon arm (see right)

Philips CD104 non-OS

Klangfilm KLV-204

ASK C6 Beamer

My Hard Disk !!!


Ortofon 9" to 12" arm

See how a 9" vintage Ortofon tone arm from a an old Telefunken turn-table is converted to a 12" tone arm for use twith Thorens TD124.


Holiday Setup #2

French Cinema 6L6 amps

Isophon with

       Altec horns

Kenwood CD-Player

Yamaha Preceiver

  The Fisher X-101-C pre amp amplifier avery fisher tube amp classic

The Fisher Preamp

My favourite preamp is this project based on a X-101-C chassis where the OPTs were missing. The preamp uses Siemens T41 input transformers and tube rectifiers.


Living Room Setup

Klipsch RB-15

   Klipsch RB-15 pic #2

Dual CV1150 modified

   Dual CV1150 pic #2

Philips CD303 video

Telefunken S500  S-600

  Telefunken S600 video

Sagem D-Box2


4699 tube to EL12 or EL34

The Philips metal base 4699 tube is pretty similar to the EL12. Its successor, the EL60 (or EL61) was then closer to the following EL34. See a 4699 tube conversion to EL12 and to EL34.


Guest Room Setup

Klipsch RB-25

JVC XL-V1 CD player

   (watch my video clip!)

Klein + Hummel VS-44


RIAA Preamps

Here you can see simple design for great working RIAA preamps.

Most use a single tube stage and vintage input transformers.


Philips CD104 NOS mod

See here how to remove the oversampling from a CD 104 player.

This is nice and easy and can also be done on many other early Philips players as CD100, CD101, CD303, CD304...


EL34 PP Triode Amp

Mono blocks with EL34 push pull output stages using vintage parts.

ECC35 (or 6SL7) driver tube and 0D3 tube regulators.